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Easter Morning

My eldest son called before sunrise and said, “I’m arriving at 8:50 according to google maps.”

I flew to be ready and wait for the bus to arrive. His robotics competition was finished. They brought an award home for gracious professionalism. A grand achievement.

As I drove to the designated place for pickup, the sun was rising and fighting with the clouds for the front of the sky. Cracks in the clouds gave the sun teasing possibilities to be shine and be seen. As I sat in the car, the clouds, with the help of the wind overpowered the sun, and the sky stayed grey on this day of celebration.

I try and imagine what that day was like when He wasn’t where his closest friends thought He would be. At first, saddened to face their dead friend and teacher. Then, confusion for not finding Him. Many drawings about that day show the sun shining through clouds and lots of bright light.

What if it wasn’t bright sunshine? What if it were a day like I am encountering today? A struggle between the sun and the clouds, pushing and pulling, gaining and losing.

This helps me to understand on a cellular level the amazing miracle finished and renewed by God. The constant struggle we face on a daily basis to make the best decisions, and acknowledge our gratitude for making salvation possible for anyone who wants it.

My son has yet to arrive. The wait will be worth it because, just like Jesus’ friends, the joy of the encounter will be immeasurable.

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